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Avery Abadie is a popular travel and sex blogger and a SEO agency owner from Kentucky, who writes on her blog that living around certain palm trees reduces libido of both men and women and other certain palm trees do the opposite. She gives the example that living around coconut and date palm trees reduces libido while living across African Oil Palm and Foxtail Palm Trees increases libido.

Avery lives in a neighborhood full of African Oil Palm Trees and Foxtail Palm Trees.

Avery lived in England for 10 years and while living there, she dated hundreds of local men. Her experience is that the London men have lesser sexual prowess compared to other English men, no matter what age group, height, size or race.

Avery believes that a dick that hasn’t had an ejaculation for over 2 months generate tons volts or watts. Even the tagline of one of her blogs reads “If we could only measure the electricity generated by a dick.”

Avery writes that she has dated several men that weighted a quintal (100 KG), but it is her dream to see a dick in real life that weighs one quintal. She knows that this dream of her will most likely never come true and that’s the reason why she fulfills this wildest fantasy of her through Hentai porn. She is also a very active member on many different Live Random Webcams.

Avery doesn’t like to take pills as she believes that apart from being bad for her own health it is also bad for the guy but she doesn’t carry the same opinion regarding the condoms. That’s the reason why she always carries 8-10 condoms in the glovebox of her car.

Delray Man admits his wife sucks huge cocks of other men but is silent about her taking those up her ass

Wayne Presley from Delray, Florida, is a sex blogger who writes self-improvers generally hang out with other self-improvers, readers with other readers, smokers with other smokers, but Chad Playboys and Stacys, rarely hang out with their own like.

Wayne writes that he is proud of the fact that his wife lost her virginity to a delivery man at the age of 18. She regularly receives big cock blowjob from other men while Wayne just watches and strokes his own dick with his bare hands.

Wayne writes on his blog that one of his very good friends is a straight male pornstar who advises to the aspiring male and female pornstars that if they are afraid to perform in front of the strangers, they must first perform sex in front of a friendly audience as that will boost their confidence to another level.

Wayne writes if there is any woman who is willing to let you enter her butthole. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Wayne is always silent about his own wife’s reluctance or acceptance of anal sex to the strangers and it is crazy how many questions in the comment section he receives regarding that subject.

Wayne believes one session of morning sex gives the energy boost equivalent to 8 mugs of coffee without any side-effects that come with drinking coffee and/or caffeine.

Wayne has a lot of advice for the rookie daters. He says “Each time you go on a date with someone for the very first-time: Ask yourself this question: What could possibly go wrong?”

Wayne writes for the rookies, clarity of mind is the most important factor when it comes to dating.

He repairs computer with one hand and strokes his cock with another while watching his favorite Thai porn at his Computer Repair Shop in Brooklyn, New York

Amit Harrison from Brooklyn, New York, owns and runs a computer hardware and software repair service. He is originally from India and has been living in the USA for the past 11 years now.

Amit also lived in Thailand for 4 years and therefore, he is fluent in Thai language. He can often be found watching Thai porn clips (คลิปโป๊) at his computer repair shop.

Amit is married and he loves his women with curly hair. Each Sunday, he makes his wife wear a curly hair wig and she does it without any sort of resistance. She loves to make her husband happy after a week long of hard work. She is not aware that he spends half of his time in the shop jerking off to the Thai porn clips.

Amit’s wife sells flags on eBay as a hobby. The flags that sell the most at her eBay store LGBT, Pansexual and Transgender related.

She recently lost a lot of clientele for her shop when she wrote that no logic or mathematics can explain the attraction between a man and a woman. She added that the attraction between the people belonging to the LGBT or transgender community could be explained by the logic or mathematics though.

Amit’s wife believes that the solution for the rapidly growing human population lies in Polyamory. She believes that Polyamory is the best method for the population control. She also believes that coronavirus is a staged drama brought in by the global elite to reduce the population of the world, especially the third-world, she comments that instead of being so ruthless and cruel, they could have enforced organized polyamorous laws globally. She writes that she cannot stop feeling sorry for the poor people who are dying due to the coronavirus staged drama.

Top Bosses secretly wank to the Lingerie Porn like there’s no tomorrow

I have a wealthy friend who owns an automotive parts manufacturing company which regularly supplies to Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi. This friend of mine claims to be extremely close to the ex-boss of Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi – Mr Carlos Ghosn. He says that he is an extremely sexual person who when wasn’t married, would jerk off to the lingerie porn for hours a day and would fuck escorts regularly.

This friend of mine married a Catholic woman in the past and is now married to a Mormon. He is totally against marrying a Catholic chic and say that marrying a Catholic woman is one of the worst things that can happen to a highly sexual man but with Mormons its the opposite. He says that his Mormon wife was a virgin and inside that virgin package was a randy bitch who sucks his cock better than the good old Jewish Nina Hartley.

He believes that the major porn studios like Naughty America and Brazzers ought to believe more in diversity. He says that it is a pity that these 2 porn studios don’t give much opportunities to the Black, Jewish women or BBWs unlike their smaller competitors like ScoreLand, BangBros or RealityKings. He believes that if they keep going like this, they will soon lose most of their business to ScoreLand, BangBros, RealityKings and other smaller studios and independent pornstars.

Pimping made this awkward and highly sexual friend of mine rich enough to become a top industrialist

I have an industrialist friend whom I would call Scotty here, says that it is a pity that they have found the cure for all sorts of cancers but they haven’t been able to create a pill that whence taken, can give an erection within an instance and make you last for as long as you want to without any sort of side-effects. He claims to have used several different sprays and says that they are all decent but not something that can make you last for as long as you want. His personal favorite used to be Stud 5000.

Scotty tells all of us to never trust a woman with a big ass, likes to give the example of the Hispanic women.

Scotty brags that in his younger days, he used to be a pimp and that’s where he made enough money to become an industrialist. Scotty estimates that an average hooker goes by 10 cocks on an average day.

Scotty brags that he pimped several escorts to Dr Phil when he was a pimp. Scotty claims that Dr Phil likes nothing but black escorts for personal pleasure and he mostly hires duos. Scotty says that once when he took a pair of two stunning real life sister black escorts to Dr Phil, Dr Phil was so happy that he tipped him with 3000 US Dollars.

Scotty is not involved in the escort industry anymore, but he claims that he feels highly for it. Scotty believes that any modern Mumbai Russian escort service that doesn’t accept cryptocurrency, should be considered as backward and outdated.

Scotty claims that women that eat only plant based diets are better fucks overall. Scotty says that he has been trying to know why is it so, but hasn’t been able to discover yet.

Scotty brags that as soon as he gets home and his kids aren’t there, she screams “rev up your big cock”, which none of his friends believe but we nod and laugh like we really do believe him to make him feel happy.

Scotty never gets tired of repeating “The women that belong to the cold regions have a hot and sensitive pussy and the ones that belong to the hot regions have an even hotter and more sensitive pussies.”

Scotty has a large library of sexual books at his home which he and his wife read every night before they actually get to have the action.

Scotty is an outspoken critic of the incest porn, especially daddy-daughter porn, he claims that the incest porn is responsible for destroying several families and relationships.