Cali Loan Counsellor Follows Nothing But US Politics And Edges To Nothing But TikTok Nudes

Anand Tuli from Chico, California, is a Sex Blogger and Loan Counsellor, who believes the United States of America is never going to have a Female President in the future just as it never did in the past, but the future Governors of the USA will all be females who would have to whore themselves out to the likes of the Presidents, Vice=Presidents and others in order to gain that position.

Anand is too obsessed with everything Chinese. He has a picture of his Master Mantak Chia as his profile picture on Whatsapp, Facebook, Discord and Twitter; and he edges to nothing but TikTok Nudes.

Anand has been writing a book for the past 3 months which he is going to title “Terror of Cocks”. The book is themed on the evolutionary sexual suppression of the women by the so-called mighty warrior men.

Anand writes Gautama Buddha didn’t go to the forests to achieve enlightenment, but rather because he started suffering with an Erectile Dysfunction and he didn’t want the world to know it. He had too many concubines and a wife, all too blunt and bold and there was no way that all these Nepali bitches could keep their mouths shut on a subject like that and Gautama Buddha was too weak to take a criticism that questioned his very manlyhood.

Anand once practiced NoFap back in 2016. He wrote this one quote while struggling with it once “Sexual urges are temporary, guilt and pride both live forever.” He wrote this another quote while at it – “Urges last for hours, post-nut side-effects for days.”

Now Anand writes that NoFap was one of the dumbest things that he wasted his time and effort on.

Anand believes in the study done in Malta that claims eating 10 oranges of average or large size transforms anger energy into sex energy.

I was reading a sex novel and all of a sudden just wasn’t interested in checking social media like I usually am. It got me thinking whether if I lost the interest in social media or the sex novel I was reading was just far more interesting.

Anand Tuli