Armando Reyna from Esbjerg, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and Mathematics Teacher, who writes it is really fun knowing how addictive watching a dick go inside and outside a pussy can be.

Armando grew up with no friends. He was alone all his life until 20. He wasn’t around women until 20. At his college, he had bad attachment and sexualized all the girls he wanted friendship with. He really wanted someone to talk to, but he never could, he pretty much was sodomizing women in his mind to help him sleep.

Armando claims to have made several different attempts to get rid of his addiction to Free Japanese Porn. He joined a Discord server called Puritans. They had a rule on the server that one must complete 33 days of 3 second no lust. 3 second no lust means they can’t lust for over 3 seconds in the wake or dream state. If they had already taken the Puritan role and they relapsed on it, they would lose their Puritan role and go back to square one. They believed non-procreative sex even with your wedded wife is bad. They also believed people who are impure, either lack wisdom, experience or prayer.

Inspired by the Domino’s, Armando plans to start a condom company which will deliver your condoms within 30 minutes or no charge at all.

Armando writes on his blog that like a sniper, he can shoot his load accurately anywhere within 35 feet of his dick.

Armando claims to have the secret information that one of the highest Bollwood female actors of all times – Aishwarya Rai used to work as a fast escort in Copenhagen, Denmark, during her struggle days.

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