Gabriel Lange from Arlington, Texas, is a Sex Blogger, Musician and Software Developer, who claims to know a 1925 born Sikh man who also served in the World War. Gabriel claims this 95 year old man is still sexually active. He claims he is often found jerking off while chatting to those fine looking models on the best cam sites. The old Sikh man has been in talks with one of the largest Old Young Porn Studios – Oldje, asking to be featured in one of their porn videos. Supposedly, Oldje wants to feature him as well, but the conflict is that he wants to feature in the video as a grandfather, but they want to feature him as a great-grandfather.

Gabriel believes those who say that Jesus didn’t exist and those who believe that he was born in 4BC in the Kingdom of Judea, are both wrong. He claims Jesus existed during the Pre-Dinosaur times and he existed somewhere in Scandinavia.

As a musician, Gabriel believes that music sounds nicer to a man after he completes talking to a beautiful voluptuous woman. He claims it applies to all men, regardless of whether they are high testosterone, average or low on it, young, old or middle-aged. He says he never knew this until he listened to the same music that he created a couple of days ago before and after talking to this naturally busty Moroccan-French cam model who resembled the Pornstar Anissa Kate a lot.

Gabriel believes there is a hack to coffee and caffeine, which is being kept a secret by the elite across the world for centuries now. He says the coffee makes you more addictive to the activity that you do while drinking it than it does to itself. He says the porn producers, taking advantage of this hack, feed the new female pornstars with tons of coffee/caffeinated drinks (soda, energy drinks) and that’s the reason why so many new pornstars, especially from the Eastern European countries who don’t look interested in doing the porn at all during their first movie, look so horny, desperate and enthusiastic in their later movies.

Gabriel says he personally uses the above mentioned hack to increase his enthusiasm and performance in the gym.

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