Delray Man admits his wife sucks huge cocks of other men but is silent about her taking those up her ass

Wayne Presley from Delray, Florida, is a sex blogger who writes self-improvers generally hang out with other self-improvers, readers with other readers, smokers with other smokers, but Chad Playboys and Stacys, rarely hang out with their own like.

Wayne writes that he is proud of the fact that his wife lost her virginity to a delivery man at the age of 18. She regularly receives big cock blowjob from other men while Wayne just watches and strokes his own dick with his bare hands.

Wayne writes on his blog that one of his very good friends is a straight male pornstar who advises to the aspiring male and female pornstars that if they are afraid to perform in front of the strangers, they must first perform sex in front of a friendly audience as that will boost their confidence to another level.

Wayne writes if there is any woman who is willing to let you enter her butthole. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Wayne is always silent about his own wife’s reluctance or acceptance of anal sex to the strangers and it is crazy how many questions in the comment section he receives regarding that subject.

Wayne believes one session of morning sex gives the energy boost equivalent to 8 mugs of coffee without any side-effects that come with drinking coffee and/or caffeine.

Wayne has a lot of advice for the rookie daters. He says “Each time you go on a date with someone for the very first-time: Ask yourself this question: What could possibly go wrong?”

Wayne writes for the rookies, clarity of mind is the most important factor when it comes to dating.