He repairs computer with one hand and strokes his cock with another while watching his favorite Thai porn at his Computer Repair Shop in Brooklyn, New York

Amit Harrison from Brooklyn, New York, owns and runs a computer hardware and software repair service. He is originally from India and has been living in the USA for the past 11 years now.

Amit also lived in Thailand for 4 years and therefore, he is fluent in Thai language. He can often be found watching Thai porn clips (คลิปโป๊) at his computer repair shop.

Amit is married and he loves his women with curly hair. Each Sunday, he makes his wife wear a curly hair wig and she does it without any sort of resistance. She loves to make her husband happy after a week long of hard work. She is not aware that he spends half of his time in the shop jerking off to the Thai porn clips.

Amit’s wife sells flags on eBay as a hobby. The flags that sell the most at her eBay store LGBT, Pansexual and Transgender related.

She recently lost a lot of clientele for her shop when she wrote that no logic or mathematics can explain the attraction between a man and a woman. She added that the attraction between the people belonging to the LGBT or transgender community could be explained by the logic or mathematics though.

Amit’s wife believes that the solution for the rapidly growing human population lies in Polyamory. She believes that Polyamory is the best method for the population control. She also believes that coronavirus is a staged drama brought in by the global elite to reduce the population of the world, especially the third-world, she comments that instead of being so ruthless and cruel, they could have enforced organized polyamorous laws globally. She writes that she cannot stop feeling sorry for the poor people who are dying due to the coronavirus staged drama.