Top Bosses secretly wank to the Lingerie Porn like there’s no tomorrow

I have a wealthy friend who owns an automotive parts manufacturing company which regularly supplies to Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi. This friend of mine claims to be extremely close to the ex-boss of Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi – Mr Carlos Ghosn. He says that he is an extremely sexual person who when wasn’t married, would jerk off to the lingerie porn for hours a day and would fuck escorts regularly.

This friend of mine married a Catholic woman in the past and is now married to a Mormon. He is totally against marrying a Catholic chic and say that marrying a Catholic woman is one of the worst things that can happen to a highly sexual man but with Mormons its the opposite. He says that his Mormon wife was a virgin and inside that virgin package was a randy bitch who sucks his cock better than the good old Jewish Nina Hartley.

He believes that the major porn studios like Naughty America and Brazzers ought to believe more in diversity. He says that it is a pity that these 2 porn studios don’t give much opportunities to the Black, Jewish women or BBWs unlike their smaller competitors like ScoreLand, BangBros or RealityKings. He believes that if they keep going like this, they will soon lose most of their business to ScoreLand, BangBros, RealityKings and other smaller studios and independent pornstars.

Pimping made this awkward and highly sexual friend of mine rich enough to become a top industrialist

I have an industrialist friend whom I would call Scotty here, says that it is a pity that they have found the cure for all sorts of cancers but they haven’t been able to create a pill that whence taken, can give an erection within an instance and make you last for as long as you want to without any sort of side-effects. He claims to have used several different sprays and says that they are all decent but not something that can make you last for as long as you want. His personal favorite used to be Stud 5000.

Scotty tells all of us to never trust a woman with a big ass, likes to give the example of the Hispanic women.

Scotty brags that in his younger days, he used to be a pimp and that’s where he made enough money to become an industrialist. Scotty estimates that an average hooker goes by 10 cocks on an average day.

Scotty brags that he pimped several escorts to Dr Phil when he was a pimp. Scotty claims that Dr Phil likes nothing but black escorts for personal pleasure and he mostly hires duos. Scotty says that once when he took a pair of two stunning real life sister black escorts to Dr Phil, Dr Phil was so happy that he tipped him with 3000 US Dollars.

Scotty is not involved in the escort industry anymore, but he claims that he feels highly for it. Scotty believes that any modern Mumbai Russian escort service that doesn’t accept cryptocurrency, should be considered as backward and outdated.

Scotty claims that women that eat only plant based diets are better fucks overall. Scotty says that he has been trying to know why is it so, but hasn’t been able to discover yet.

Scotty brags that as soon as he gets home and his kids aren’t there, she screams “rev up your big cock”, which none of his friends believe but we nod and laugh like we really do believe him to make him feel happy.

Scotty never gets tired of repeating “The women that belong to the cold regions have a hot and sensitive pussy and the ones that belong to the hot regions have an even hotter and more sensitive pussies.”

Scotty has a large library of sexual books at his home which he and his wife read every night before they actually get to have the action.

Scotty is an outspoken critic of the incest porn, especially daddy-daughter porn, he claims that the incest porn is responsible for destroying several families and relationships.